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Company Profile

     Jih Huang machinery industrial Co., Ltd was established since 1979. Locate in Yung Kang, Tainan, Taiwan. We have dedicated outstanding engineering team and innovate of blow molding machine design. We build blow molding machine for 5 milliliter bottle up to 1000 liter industrial containers.

     More than three decades of experiences in plastic machinery manufacturing industry, we become one of leading blow molding machine builder in local market, we start to develop “All electric driven co-extrusion blow molding machine since 2002. With continues improvement and experience learning, our patent toggle type all electric driven blow molding machine launch international market since 2007. It became state of art performance up to date.

     We provide various kinds of custom-made products to meet customer’s demands through our carefully built and well trained team of sales/service professionals and strategically located representatives worldwide thus enabling us to implement our goal of products with zero defect quality.
     The Jih Huang evolution line has expressly been conceived for the production of large containers, such as: 220 liter L-ring drums, technical parts, fuel tanks and containers up to 1000 liter. These machines can combine with heads up to 80 liter capacity (capable of processing the latest polymers VHMWPE, etc.) extruders up to 120mm. With: single to six layers co-extrusion 50 up to 1000 liter product volumes barrier, recycling or special usage continuous or Accumulating type.